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What are our rates and how do I pay?

I typically charge roughly around $250 an hour. $1000 4 hr session $1500 6 to 8 hr session.

How to book an appt?

First fill out the online consultation form. Be specific with design and placement description. I will email you back as soon as I can.

How does the deposit work?

A deposit for $100 up to $500 is required for your tattoo. I use venmo(michaellatessa13) cashapp ($latessatattoo), paypal (, some cryptowallets, or cash. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE. The deposit will come off the final cost of the tattoo at the last session. If it's a single session the deposit will count that day.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

I would need at a 48hr notice if your are to cancel or reschedule. (Unless due to covid19, proof would be needed). I will transfer your deposit to a new date if you reschedule for what ever reason. If you flat out cancel,  back out, or notice was within 48hrs your deposit is lost, and a new deposit is required.
       What about an emergency?
Deaths, sever illness, family issues, sitters, weather, etc are just things that happen and well discuss the best way to reschedule. Loss of deposit is to my discretion.
       What if I'm running late?
Please be punctual. If there is bad either plan accordingly. Please contact me asap if you will ne late. If you are later then 30 minutes with out contact I will consider you a no show and deposit will be lost.


Get plenty of rest, eat and be hydrated before you come in.
Show up on time. (later then 20minutes without contact from you is a no show.
Bring proper ID. Can't get tattooed with out it.
Bring cash or us
Dress appropriately for your tattoos placement.

Show up intoxicated, or hungover. I will cancel our appt.
Show up late.
Bring friends or children.
Change design last second. I will cancel our appt and youll need a new deposit for a new design.

Have a sunburn. I will cancel our apt.

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